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American Force uses the latest techniques in design and manufacturing to create the highest quality wheels in the industry. Our highly specialized team, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, gives us a level of versatility and skill that is unrivaled. Forged wheels are the heart of American Force, and they are an art that we strive to perfect. Each wheel in our factory begins as a solid block of 6061 aluminum and leaves as an embodiment of the American Force Standard.

Design Process

Our designers explore concepts extensively until we have narrowed them down to the strongest lineup possible. The special requirements of forged manufacturing are considered at every stage of the process, dictating the direction of the design. Once a design leaves the team, it is not only striking, but 100% production ready.

In selecting the concepts that are destined for the factory floor, we take inputs from across the company, ensuring that all perspectives are considered. It is truly the unified effort of our entire American Force family that makes our forged wheels stand apart.


Structural engineering and manufacturability are central to the forged design process. Our extensive experience enables us to incorporate these factors from the moment pen hits paper. Every wheel is designed to exceed structural requirements and maximize the efficiency of milling.

Our designers and engineers use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to test the strength and durability of every single wheel that we produce. From there, physical destructive testing is conducted to ensure that a wheel is up to par. We will never sell a product that does not meet the standards set forth by the SAE guidelines.


Forged wheels are the heart of American Force, and they are an art that we strive to perfect. Each wheel that leaves our factory begins as a solid block of 6061 aluminum. Through the application of heat and tremendous pressure, the ingot is pressed into a mold, flowing the aluminum into the rough shape of a forging. This leads to a metal that is denser, more uniform and stronger.

Once the blank forgings are in our hands, our highly trained machinists use the latest software and techniques to turn our designers’ creations into precision CNC programs. These programs are fed into any one of our 25+ HAAS mills, where the forging is transformed into a functional piece of art. Often requiring hours of machining for a single wheel, it is a grueling but mesmerizing process, resulting in a wheel that is nearly 100% finalized by the time it leaves the mill.


The quality and variety of our custom finishes has always distinguished our forged wheels from the competition. Our powder coating department has endless techniques and colors at its disposal, whether it is a simple solid gloss black, or a totally unique brushed finish. Ask our sales team about the range of options available; the greatest limit is usually your imagination.

The signature of American Force is still our mirror polish aluminum. We are the only company in the industry to use CNC polishing centers for our wheels, and we have not one, but three of them at our disposal. This means the most consistent, impressive and by far the quickest polished wheels available anywhere.